Interfaith Resources

I have been involved in interfaith and interreligious efforts for quite a while. Here are some resources that might be of benefit to you. If you know of other good materials that I should feature, please let me know.



  • A Common Word Between Us and You – 5 Year Anniversary Edition.
  • Groundrules for Interreligious Dialogue Basic introduction to conducting oneself appropriately in interfaith and interreligious contexts.
  • CfAP Understanding Sharia Law There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding Sharia Law in the United States (and elsewhere). This from the Center for American Progress attempts to disambiguate some of this.
  • ISPU – Sharia & Diversity Similar to the CFAP article, the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding has a good article to help Americans, both Muslim and other, to gain a more comprehensive framework regarding the diversity of Sharia Law.
  • Fear, Inc The original brief tracking the money and efforts of those threatened by pluralism and ethnic diversity. Explains the fears behind xenophobia and demonstrates how those fears play out in American politics.
  • Fear, Inc 2.0 2015 update of Fear, Inc. New players, more money, just as much xenophobia.

Books / Longer Works


  • Sondos & Michel run an organization and a blog called “Miss Understanding”. They are two friends, Muslim & Christian, who explore the complexities of interreligious life.