Papers & Such

WordPress is not the best site for hosting academic papers, so the links below all go to my page on

My ThM Comprehensive Exam – In 2016 I passed my written and oral comprehensive exam in preparation to begin my Thesis. Here are the questions, bibliography, and exam answers.

Augustinian Civil Responsibility – This is essentially a literature review of post 1990 interactions with Augustine & Christian civil responsibility. How one thinks Christians should be involved with the larger society largely depends on how one reads the relationship between the two kingdoms in Augustine. Hilarity ensues. I also used this as my writing sample for my PhD applications.

The Impossibility of Adam – The science of modern genetic theory poses several challenges to the classical understanding of an historical Adam and Eve. If these challenges are valid, then this widely held, religiously significant, conception of the first humans must be rethought along with such ideas as the Imago Dei, the Fall, original sin, and redemption itself. This paper considers a wide swath of literature on the topic of genetic theory and human origins and concludes with some suggestions on how the Christian community might proceed in reformulating Adam and Eve.


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